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Who is La Madame Biscuit?

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to stop by my page. I am very happy to introduce myself to you as a wife and proud mommy of three. Originally from Montreal, Canada, I married my New Yorker husband and moved to Bethlehem, PA. Having been very busy raising our three children, I decided to start a home based business that wouldn't take me away from my mommy and wifey duties.

Growing up in a very foodie city, I consider myself a tough critic and was never able to create the cookie I was aiming for. All those who know me, definitely know that I have a sweet tooth; especially for cookies! For months at a time I was experimenting to perfect my dough. One day, my 3 year old son helped me bake a simple chocolate chip batch from scratch. He accidentally tweaked my original recipe, resulting in a decadent dough.

That was when La Madame Biscuit was founded. I seek to keep perfecting my recipes and hope I can satisfy everyone's cookie cravings.

Best Regards, 

La Madame Biscuit

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